Naomi McMorrow

Postgraduate student
PhD student

I joined the Agro-ecology and Rural Development (ARD) group within the MFRC at GMIT as a doctoral candidate in late 2018. I studied Agri-Environmental Science in University College of Dublin from 2014-2018 and am currently working on the Hen Harrier Project, focusing on ecosystem services provision. The primary focus of my research is to analyse three ecosystem services such as habitat quality for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and food provision, and to measure biodiversity trade offs. The specific objective of the research is to evaluate spatial overlap, synergies and trade-offs in ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation, in addition to test results-based agri-environment measures and to refine score cards for multiple ecosystem services provision.

Project Title
Payments for Ecosystem Services from multifunctional High Nature Value farming systems in Natura 2000 designated landscapes
The Hen Harrier Project aims to improve the sustainability of rural areas within areas designated as Special Protection Areas for Hen Harriers.