Role of seaweed aquaculture in marine ecosystems

Defining the role of seaweed aquaculture in marine
biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (Research and Innovation Strategic Endowment (RISE) Scholarship)

This RISE project builds up on previous field and laboratory investigations conducted in GENIALG aiming to quantify the effect of kelp aquaculture on marine ecosystems. The projects focuses on their impacts on benthic communities and their role in food webs, as biodiversity reservoirs and nursery habitats for fish. This project will determine and quantify the interactions and the level of monitoring necessary to bring clarity to the licensing process and allow orderly upscaling in partnership with the seaweed aquaculture industry and support from the Marine Institute.

Project Team

MFRC Leader, Lecturer and Researcher in Marine Ecology and Fisheries
Lecturer in marine ecology. Researcher in marine habitat conservation and restoration aquaculture (kelp, bivalves)
Lecturer and Researcher in Freshwater and Marine Ecology

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