Anthony Adu-Gyamfi

PhD student

I have been involved in the analysis of seawater water samples, identification, collection, lab-scale cultivation and monitoring of marine and freshwater plants especially seaweeds for the Seaweed Biorefinery Project. My research widely involves flora assessment as part baseline study of environmental impact assessment of projects and environmental reporting of floristic studies. I usually conduct surveys of an area’s flora, collect data and make plant voucher specimens for the Ghana Herbarium. My Msc topic was on seasonal variation in species composition, diversity and biomass of seaweeds in selected coastal communities in Greater Accra, Ghana. I am very grateful to Denmark’s Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark for the funding of my Msc project through the Seaweed Biorefinery in Ghana (SeaBioGha) Project. My PhD aims at utilising a large existing body of samples collected by Dr. Fariñas-Franco to assess the benthic impacts of seaweed aquaculture on the local ecosystems, including seagrass habitats of high conservation importance, fully quantify temporal and spatial scales, as well as establish the role of the cultivated biomass as reservoirs of biodiversity and its role (and that of the biodiversity it hosts) in local food webs.