Integrating eDNA in Marine Spatial Planning

Advancing the integration of eDNA data in marine spatial planning for the adaptive management of marine biodiversity

This project aims to integrate eDNA and new biodiversity records to the MSP monitoring of marine communities by three main workflows: i) Refine eDNA analysis pipelines introducing enhancements advancing the effectiveness of metabarcoding approaches for their trustworthy application in MSP EU guidelines for marine assessment; ii) Collect molecular data and screen biodiversity in a different range of marine habitats and areas (either those under some form of management, or not protected ones) to identify potential vulnerable species and fragile environments for protection purposes; iii) Monitor effectiveness of existing conservation measures required as part of an adaptive management framework to customize and implement marine spatial plans.

This is a PhD scholarship held by Marina Vingiani, co-funded by Atlantic Technological University (ATU) and the Institute of Marine Sciences Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche (ISMAR_CNR)(Italy).

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Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology