Plastics, Prawns, and Patterns

Nephrops norvegicus as a flagship species for plastic pollution

This is a collaborative project funded by the Marine Institute, Galway, and coordinated by GMIT (2020-2021). The research is investigating microplastic loading and retention times in the Dublin Bay prawn Nephrops norvegicus around the Irish coast. The project will also investigate microplastic concentration within the sediment habitat. The Dublin Bay prawn is an extremely valuable fishery resource within EU waters. The overall aim of this research is to assess the Nephrops norvegicus stocks in the North East Atlantic in terms of the levels of microplastics present in both the crustacean and the surrounding sedimentary habitat, and the potential for the species to be used as a bioindicator for microplastic contamination



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Lecturer and Researcher in Aquatic Ecology
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