Haleigh Joyce

I was raised in County Galway in the west of Ireland where the sea was my back garden. My love for the ocean came from my Grandfather who used to take me out on his boats from a young age exploring the sea. My fascination for being close to water developed further from this point into my employment, education and my career aspirations. I am a qualified advanced SSI diver and have logged over 50 dives. I have previously carried out scientific dives off the east coast of Thailand. I completed my BSc in Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology in GMIT in 2019 and developed a strong interest in microplastics. I worked as an intern in the Marine and Freshwater Research centre (MFRC) on microplastic analysis and then as a research assistant. Since June 2020 I have started my Research Masters on Nephrops norvergicus and its surrounding sediment in the North East Atlantic area

Project Title
Nephrops norvergicus as a flagship species for plastic pollution
Nephrops on board
This project is investigating the potential of Nephrops norvegicus as a flagship species for plastic pollution in the deep sea.