Tracy Paul

I graduated from the University of Mauritius after having completed an undergraduate degree in marine science in 2015.
I am from an island nation (Mauritius/Rodrigues) where I have been living my whole life surrounded by the ocean and it only makes sense to me to pursue a scientific career that would help me protect and conserve the underwater life that I love. My research interests are mostly in the ecology of marine turtles, seagrasses and microplastics.
I am currently pursuing my postgraduate degree at the ATU where I am conducting my master’s research project at MFRC  focusing on microplastic contamination in farmed oysters in Ireland.  This research will contribute to baseline studies on the potentially emerging threats of microplastic contamination on marine wildlife. This project will also explore the potential implications of microplastics in economically relevant seafood products, such as oysters.


WhatsApp Image 2022-02-10 at 2.12.19 PM
This project aims to assess the levels of microplastics in two oyster species after depuration