Dr Colin Hannon

Dr Colin Hannon is based at the Marine & Freshwater Research Centre at the Atlantic Technological University, Galway, Ireland.

Dr Hannon has over 20 years’ experience in commercial aquaculture research and production focusing on the production of invertebrate species along the whole value chain.

Dr Hannon has been involved in large scale EU funded projects and consortiums around Europe and the Atlantic as a whole developing novel production methods for low trophic species.



Oisre aims to chart the extent and biodiversity of remnant native oyster beds in Kilkieran and Bertraghboy Bay, in Connemara, Galway coupled with restoration and rejuvenation trials. These beds will be used as reference habitats for ecological restoration in Ireland and elsewhere and protected as sanctuary areas. In turn that would allow the sustainable management of these important biogenic habitats.
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The InEVal project aims to develop realistic value-added, innovative products and services from echinoderm bio resources. Focussing on value and sustainability at every step along the full value chain, these resource uses will contribute to zero-waste and circular economies driving a competitive blue bio economy in Europe.
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SeaSoil – Value creation and ecosystem services of European seaweed industry by reducing and handling potentially toxic elements  from breeding to soil is an ERA-NET BlueBio cofund project led by NOFIMA in Norway to which the MFRC is a partner through Dr Colin Hannon
Uncooked fresh common whelks or sea snails isolated on a white studio background. Traditionally pickled and eaten at the seaside, isolated on a white studio background
This collaboration between the MFRC, BIM, Nofima (Norway) and the Irish fishing industry aims to develop alternative sustainable baits for the Irish whelk fishery.
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The Aquavitae project aims to introduce new low trophic species, products and processes in marine aquaculture value chains across the Atlantic.
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This project aims to assess the levels of microplastics in two oyster species after depuration
The goal was to stimulate the creation of a sustainable, lucrative and economically beneficial sea urchin industry in the NPA region.