Maddalena Tibone

I am an Italian/Scottish biologist and I obtained my master’s degree in Marine Biological Resources in July 2021 from Gent University (Belgium). During my master studies I had the opportunity to study in three universities across Europe, in particular University of Algarve (Portugal), Gent University and ATU. I carried out my master thesis in the Marine and Freshwater Research Centre at ATU, concentrating on the ecology of autochthonous and invasive mussels along the Irish coast using molecular techniques.

My research interests originate from a marine ecology and conservation background, and then focus on molecular biology and genetics applied to conservation, management and sustainability issues. In addition, I give great importance to international work and collaborations. My PhD, which is co-funded by ATU and the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dhorn in Naples, and in collaboration with the Instituto de Ciencias del Mar-CSIC in Barcelona, started in February 2022. My project focuses on the coupling of optoacoustic technologies and environmental DNA analysis to develop and implement augmented assessment approaches in support to marine biodiversity conservation efforts and fisheries surveys.

When I am not on a research vessel or in the lab, you may find me hiking or skiing in the Italian Alps.

Project Title
MERMAID – Marine biodiversity augmented assessment coupling imaging technologies with environmental DNA (eDNA)