Liam Strachan

Research Assistant

I am currently working as a Research Assistant on the BIM Whelk Bait Project. We are developing a sustainable alternative bait to be used in the whelk fishery in Ireland, decreasing overall demands and pressure on existing bait species such as brown crab being used at present. As a budding researcher I am fortunate to be able to collaborate with industry, simultaneously contributing towards conserving sustainability.

I graduated from Earth and Ocean Sciences at NUI Galway in 2019. Since finishing my undergraduate degree I have worked in the marine and aquaculture industry as a commercial diver and hydrographic surveyor. Exploring new environments above and below the sea surface is a fond past time of mine and I feel privileged to also call it my job.


InEVal Logo
The InEVal project aims to develop realistic value-added, innovative products and services from echinoderm bio resources. Focussing on value and sustainability at every step along the full value chain, these resource uses will contribute to zero-waste and circular economies driving a competitive blue bio economy in Europe.
Uncooked fresh common whelks or sea snails isolated on a white studio background. Traditionally pickled and eaten at the seaside, isolated on a white studio background
This collaboration between the MFRC, BIM, Nofima (Norway) and the Irish fishing industry aims to develop alternative sustainable baits for the Irish whelk fishery.