Kristina Steinmetz

I am a PhD candidate at GMIT since 2016. As part of my research I am exploring population genetic structure of two seal species around Ireland and western Europe in order to delineate Management/Assessment Units and provide crucial baseline information for conservation and management of both species. Prior to the PhD project, I completed the International Masters programme in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation and joined research teams in Seychelles, Australia and the UK. My research interests lie in the use of a multidisciplinary approach – specifically the combination of molecular and ecological tools – to aid the conservation and management of marine species.




Project Title
Population Genetic Structure of Seals and the Identification of Appropriate MSFD Parameters in Ireland
MFRC PhD student Ms Kristina Steinmetz, is using non-invasive techniques to assess management units and conservation priorities for grey and harbour seals in Irish and north-western European waters