Dr Olga Lyashevska

Research Fellow

I am a multidisciplinary scientist with an interest in statistical modelling, scientific programming, data analysis and data management. I obtained an MSc in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University, The Netherlands (2007) and a PhD in Biodiversity Quantification at Queen’s University Belfast, UK (2011). I came to GMIT in 2015  as a postdoctoral scientist, in 2018 I took up a data analytics function at MET. I work with a variety of ecological, environmental, medical data using statistical and machine learning tools. I am also helping my colleagues and students with their statistical/ data analytics problems. I am an active Linux user and I use a variety of programming languages, in particular, R and Python. In the past 5 years I  attended various Python conferences both as a presenter and attendee and contributed to open source code and documentation. Currently I am member of Python committee in Ireland and a part-time student in Science in Computing (Software Development) at National College of Ireland.


Naviculaceae image taken using confocal microscopy by Angeline Le Fran at CMABio3, Caen (France)
The Cli-PhI project brings together experts in ecology, statistics, harmful algal blooms and oceanography to build comprehensive understanding of spatial and temporal patterns in phytoplankton abundance, diversity, and distribution in Irish coastal waters.
Simon Berrow IWDG
The aim of this project is to investigate the influence of environmental and observational effects on Harbour Porpoise survey counts from the NPWS monitoring programme conducted across three spatial areas of conservation in 2007, 2008, 2013-2016 and 2018.
This research is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and runs from 2020-2023. It is conducted in collaboration with Institute of Technology Tralee, The Environment Agency (UK), Environmental Research Associates (UK).
The Tipping Points project (2015-2019) developped novel statistical methods for detecting and forecasting ecosystem change.