Cynthia Barile

I come from the south-east of France, where I fell in love with the ocean and cetaceans before I even learned how to read. My academic path started on a very different direction, as I studied Neurosciences for my B.Sc and spent a year developing a project on Parkinson’s disease in Canada. My childhood dreams came alive back in 2016 when I joined an International Master in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC+), which brought me to GMIT for my thesis, focused on common dolphins. I began my PhD research on deep-diving cetaceans in the MFRC in 2018, using acoustic data to investigate how these mysterious animals use their habitats off western Ireland. I am also a Marine Mammal Observer, Passive Acoustic Monitoring operator and am involved in conservation, education and public outreach initiatives

Project Title
Deep-diving cetaceans in Irish offshore waters
GMIT are working in collaboration with Woodside PLC, an Australian Oil and Gas company, using an acoustic dataset to model sperm whale and long-finned pilot whale occurrence in the Porcupine SeaBight.