Allan McDevitt

I completed my PhD in Zoology in University College Dublin in 2008 and have subsequently undertaken postdoctoral positions in the Canada, Ireland and Poland. In 2016, I was appointed as a lecturer in Ecology and Conservation in the University of Salford, UK.

I joined the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and the Marine and Freshwater Research Centre in ATU in 2022.

I am primarily a molecular ecologist, with research interests spanning across terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. This includes developing non-invasive genetic methods such as environmental DNA to monitor mammals, migratory fishes in rivers and estuaries, and elasmobranchs in marine environments and the application of population genomic tools to estimate population size, demographic history and connectivity in terrestrial and marine species.

For more detailed information on my research and team, check out our group’s website:

Photo by John Smith
Ireland’s breeding wader populations have suffered dramatic declines in population size and national breeding range. Remaining breeding populations are teetering on the brink of extirpation, functional extinction, or both. The primary objective of this EIP-Agri project is to tackle the multifaceted causes behind the significant declines in breeding wader populations, including changes in land use practices and policy. Central to achieving the project’s goals is the enhancement of productivity within these populations. The project will establish connections with landowners, stakeholders and communities to foster a comprehensive understanding of the breeding waders’ requirements within the landscape. By recognising, valuing, and protecting these species, the EIP-Agri project is promoting a range of ecosystem services that are of benefit to the whole of society.