Launch of the GENIALG E-Learning course on seaweed cultivation

Jose M. Fariñas-Franco
Lead Author

A new E-Learning course on sustainable seaweed farming practices with contributions from GMIT was launched this year by the EU Project GENIALG. The course addresses the environmental benefits and risks of seaweed farming, suggesting good practices to ensure a sustainable growth of the seaweed farming industry. This e-Learning resource is relevant to students, current practitioners within the seaweed industry or anyone interested in seaweed cultivation. Policy makers tasked with planning and implementing future legislation on control and impact assessments for seaweed farms will also find it useful.


GMIT’s Dr. Jose M. Fariñas-Franco, Lead Researcher in the GENIALG Project,  lead the environmental monitoring modules on this e-learning resource in collaboration with colleagues from France and Portugal. 

This innovate e-learning course is free and can be accessed in the GENIALG website at

The GENIALG project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement No 727892 (GENIALG).

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