Galway Bay is Calling


Galway Bay is Calling is a project funded by the Creative Ireland Programme for Climate Action (details here) and is led by Music for Galway (,  in collaboration with the Galway Atlantaquaria ( and the Atlantic Technological University (

What is it about?

This project is about assessing Ocean Literacy and conducting outreach and awareness activities about Galway Bay and the ocean among musicians and artists from three different groups (The Galway Jam Circle; Galway Adult Strings; Claddagh Choral Community Choir).

The artists and musicians will then co-create a music piece with cellist/composer/singer Naomi Berrill, a reference Irish cellist.

To be Ocean inspired, a set of workshops led by the Galway Atlantaquaria and by the ATU will share knowledge that can be translated into music. The devised piece will get its premiere on the opening day of Cellissimo festival (18th – 26th May, 2024) in Leisureland.

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The project team:
Anna Lardi Fogarty (Music for Galway)
Maria Vittoria Marra (Galway Atlantaquaria)
Garry Kendellen (Galway Atlantaquaria)
João Frias (ATU)
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Project Team

Principal Investigator