Education for sustainable development (TUNASIA)

Tuning environmental competences in Asian fishery education for sustainable development

TUNASIA is an ERASMUS+ research project (2017-2021). The project focuses on the modernization and development of curricula at both a BSc and MSc level on the topic of aquaculture in both Vietnam and Thailand. The aims are 1) to incorporate educational competencies as criteria to be assessed within the curricula and 2) to move to a more transdisciplinary education system.  The process involves networking with various stakeholders, including local companies, research institutions and fish farmers. Their input will be sought for the final curriculum design. This will allow the identification of the necessary competencies (attributes, behaviours,  knowledge, skills, and abilities) required for successful job performance upon graduating. 


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Lecturer and Researcher in Aquatic Ecology
Head of Dept Natural Resources and the Environment

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