Ecosystem effects of knotted wrack Ascophyllum nodosum harvesting

Funded by MAREI-SFI and Arramara Limited (2019-2023) ECOHARVEST investigates the effect of two different harvesting procedures on intertidal ecosystems and monitors natural recovery. The research is conducted by PhD candidate Ms. Charlene Linderhof based at NUI Galway. She will compare the effects of harvesting with cutter rake on boats and sickle on land. Ultimately, the aim is to provide scientific advice to resource management specific to Ireland and ensure best practice. MFRC researcher, Dr Fariñas-Franco is co-supervising the PhD project along with Dr Ronan Sulpice at NUIG.

Project Team

Lecturer in marine ecology. Researcher in marine habitat conservation and restoration aquaculture (kelp, bivalves)