Waves of Change

Based on the 7 Ocean Literacy Principles, on the Sustainable Development Goals and on the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, Waves of Change is a project that aims to promote sustainable development and circular economy values through ocean literacy and stakeholder engagement. Building upon existing knowledge and partnerships, this project will […]

Assessment of microplastics in farmed oysters

This project intends to assess the abundance of microplastics in two species of farmed oysters in Ireland, after depuration. The selected species are the European oyster (Ostrea edulis) and the Pacific oyster (Magallana gigas).


Defining the baselines and standards for microplastics analyses in European waters (BASEMAN) is an international collaborative and interdisciplinary research project funded by JPI Oceans Aims Although microplastics (MP) are recognized as an emerging contaminant in the environment, currently neither sampling, extraction, purification nor identification approaches are standardized, making the increasing numbers of MP studies hardly […]

Microplastics: implications for policy

This project is coordinated by GMIT and funded by Seas At Risk (2020-2021). The main goal is to produce a technical report focussed on microplastic impacts in the environment while suggesting a set of policy recommendations to mitigate plastic pollution impacts. A wide range of stakeholders from governmental, non-governmental organisations and academics worldwide are being […]