PSPSafe project – Paralytic shellfish poisoning events in Ireland

The PSPSafe project is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and the Marine (DAFM) under the 2021 Thematic Research Call. Partners include the Martine Institute (Dave Clarke), Atlantic Technological University (Dr Luca Mirimin, Dr Fiona Kavanagh, Francesca Cucchi), and University College Dublin (Dr Francis Butler). The PSPSafe project aims at addressing key knowledge gaps […]

MERMEID – Marine macrofauna diversity using eDNA

This project aims to integrate novel environmental DNA (eDNA) methods with multidisciplinary data for the monitoring of megafauna at a range of infrastructures including cabled observatories as well as aboard research vessels. Objectives of this project include: (1) design and implement ad hoc eDNA protocols and pipelines to be applied in situ in a range […]

Nephin Forest Lakes Project

Lake surrounded by Conifer forest

This NPWS funded research project (2023-2024) is led by ATU Galway City. The multi-disciplinary team are gathering and assessing baseline data on unmonitored lakes and pools within Nephin Forest, located within Wild Nephin National Park. The team will determine a baseline list of biological communities, comprising aquatic and semi-aquatic plants, invertebrates and vertebrates of dystrophic […]