MERMEID – Marine macrofauna diversity using eDNA

This project aims to integrate novel environmental DNA (eDNA) methods with multidisciplinary data for the monitoring of megafauna at a range of infrastructures including cabled observatories as well as aboard research vessels. Objectives of this project include: (1) design and implement ad hoc eDNA protocols and pipelines to be applied in situ in a range […]

Nephin Forest Lakes Project

Lake surrounded by Conifer forest

This NPWS funded research project (2023-2024) is led by ATU Galway City. The multi-disciplinary team are gathering and assessing baseline data on unmonitored lakes and pools within Nephin Forest, located within Wild Nephin National Park. The team will determine a baseline list of biological communities, comprising aquatic and semi-aquatic plants, invertebrates and vertebrates of dystrophic […]