Paule-Émilie Ruy

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PhD student

The complexity of interactions between livings beings has always fascinated me. At the age of eight I developed a very reliable mark-recapture method involving my glitter pink nail polish and the snails from my garden. Besides this relevant scientific experiment, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Organisms and Populations from the University of Western Brittany. I completed an International Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea) specialising in applied marine ecology and conservation. During this rewarding period, I conducted a research project at the Marine and Freshwater Research Centre examining the effects of trematode parasites on the ecology of their marine snail hosts. After graduating, I joined the School of Journalism of Lille which allowed me to become a science journalist and write for different scientific media such as the very popular Science & Vie magazine.

Since October 2021, I pursue a Ph.D. (RISE scholarship) at the MFRC to understand the dynamics of avian influenza viruses (AIVs) in waterbirds and other wildlife populations in Ireland. I am particularly interested in molecular biology techniques to identify AIVs in sediment or faecal samples. I would also like to explore the role of small mammals as mixing vessel hosts for AIVs.

Project Title
An epidemiological study of reservoirs for avian influenza A viruses in Ireland