Oluwasegun Ige

My academic journey started in 2012, with a National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology from the Polytechnic of Ibadan in Nigeria. I had my bachelor’s degree with first-class honours in Microbiology from the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria. My undergraduate thesis was based on risk assessments that are associated with enteric bacteria in selected surface and groundwater sources in Akure.

In 2021, I received the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship to study in Europe for my MSc degree in International Masters in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea). During the IMBRSea programme, I had the opportunity to learn and carry out research in different countries in Europe. My MSc thesis was carried out at the Marine Institute of Ireland and ATU where I worked on the identification and characterization of harmful algal blooms (HABs) cysts from the sediment of Irish coastal waters, using a multidisciplinary approach.

Currently, I am PhD researcher on the Gill Disease of Atlantic Salmon (GIDAS) project funded by Science Foundation Ireland. The GIDAS project aims to increase the knowledge of amoebic gill disease caused by Neoparamoeba perurans, which causes a major challenge in finfish aquaculture globally and reduces annual production.  My role is to develop recombinant protein vaccines for the disease and to study the host-pathogen interaction by investigating the gill mucous proteome and target gene analysis.

Project Title
Molecular analysis of the host-parasite interaction in gill disease of Atlantic salmon
The aim of this work is to develop a novel vaccine against Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD)