Maria Browne

I graduated with my BSc (Hons) in Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology from GMIT in 2019. I then completed an MSc in Conservation Behaviour in GMIT. The research for my MSc thesis was conducted in collaboration with the Laboratory of Wildlife Ecology and Behaviour at University College Dublin. The project was supervised by Dr Martin Gammell and aimed to investigate the behaviour of sub-adult male fallow deer in the Phoenix park. My research interests are ethology, marine ecology and fisheries science. I am currently working on a PhD in GMIT in collaboration with Dr Julia Calderwood at the Marine Institute. The PhD is part of the IFISH project which is funded by Science Foundation Ireland through a Starting Investigator Research Grant no 18/SIRG/5554. The PhD aims to study the behaviours of fishers in response to the levels and types of unwanted catch they encounter during fishing trips in the context of the landing obligation. This project aims to bridge the gap between scientists and fishers and incorporate a human element to fisheries management by considering the fishers as the end users.

Project Title
Reducing unwanted catches: an investigation of how changes in fishing fleet behaviour alter catch composition