Giovanni Cappelli

PhD student

I am an Italian biologist with an MSc degree in Biodiversity and Ecosystem management and a great passion for ecology and conservation. My studies helped me to develop knowledge and interest for these subjects and gave me the opportunity to take part in many conservation activities related to the monitoring of wildlife, especially insects and small fauna in general, therefore I’ve accumulated many hours of experience in field working.

With my current PhD project at GMIT, I work to collect baseline data about lakes and pools in Special Conservation Areas in Ireland in order to characterize these habitats that are protected under the EU Habitats Directive. With the project team, I will define the methods needed to assess conservation status of these habitats and will give recommendations on how to monitor them and preserve them in a favorable condition.

Project Title
Physicochemical characterisation and biological communities assessment of protected oligotrophic lakes in Ireland: Determining their conservation needs
This EPA funded research project (2020-2023) is led by ATU Galway City and aims to gather and assess baseline data on oligotrophic lakes